Angelus Fraud and Corruption
Frigate Bay St. Kitts
The Angelus Resort St. Kitts
St. Kitts and Nevis Region
On March 24, 2003 a serious fraud against US investors in the island of St. Kitts was revealed with a letter to all the investors of Paradise Beach Resorts. All the telephone lines were cut and investors in Paradise Beach were in a panic to find out what happened to their millions of dollars invested in the resort. Mary Estes, the owner of the resort, was on her death bed under very suspicious circumstances. She was removed from the island of St. Kitts to Florida. On her death bed, a suspicious stamped signature turned over the resort and all the assets to companies and individuals managed by Roland M. Thomas, a British citizen operating out of Las Vegas and St.Kitts.

Subsequent evidence shows correspondence between Thomas and the IRS as they conspired to undermine the investors who had been defrauded by Thomas. Making this more unbelievable, all of this illegal concealment of evidence was done under a discovery court order by the Courts in St. Kitts to produce the same documents. In a nutshell, US IRS examiners conspired with Thomas et al to deny justice to over 120 US citizens who had been a victim of an elaborate international Ponzi scheme. Making matters more unbelievable, the St. Kitts government took control of the property, turning a blind eye to the investors, and negotiated to sell it to the highest bidder. This site has a large array of many of the public documents and news releases related to this amazing story. With more twists and turns than a John Grisham novel, the story continues today – only this is a true story.